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What's the best age to have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Hello, I think I can help you answer this question.

In my opinion, there is no fixed time to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. True love can happen anytime. But you have to think clearly before you have a relationship with the boy or girl you love. Are you willing to take on this responsibility, and is your current ability enough to support you to bear this relationship?

For example, if you are just a student, you should consider whether you have enough time and money to support and maintain this relationship. Will such a relationship affect your work and life at this stage?

What I want to tell you is that love is the spice of life, and it is two people who work together to make life better.

But if you feel that this moment, this relationship is not suitable for it to happen. What I mean is that he will become a burden to your life and will not make you happy, so don't establish this relationship.

Of course, these should be your own ideas, when you think about all this, you are fully prepared to take on this responsibility. If you decide to go on with each other.Then this is the best and most appropriate time.

Finally, I wish you a natural love and meet the right person at the right time.

Jun 01, 2022, 01:01

Never go to the supermarket when you are hungry, and never fall in love when you are empty.

Jun 01, 2022, 18:25

If you think that is a right time, it's the best age. 
My English is poor, so I explain it in short.
Love is not the whole life, and it's not the only way which must be passed. There are many interesting things in your life. If your are not meet your true love, you just improve your ability and try your best to be better. Maybe on that way, you could meet him or her. It's so cool when you know each other, you are in the best state. If you never meet true love, you could enjoy your own fantastic life!

Jun 08, 2022, 23:09

I think you can have one everytime. However, you must take your respection. You should know what you are doing, how you will do in the future. Nothing's relationship is easy, and it's multiplying. You should you take it in part as who. I think you shouldn't regret that you are doing.

Jun 02, 2022, 08:19

Love yourself before you love others.

Jun 16, 2022, 08:13

I'm going to take the senior high school entrance examination, but I'm very anxious. What can I do to help me?

Jun 07, 2022, 02:13

When you really understand how to love yourself.

Jun 07, 2022, 03:43

I think this option is no the best answer .because love is not like a choose or a test, so we don't know what time to meet our own love. Love is not a decided, it is some feeling and sense. So if you know how to love yourself first. You can accept love who can protect yourself and knowing how to love. This is a crazy world. If we met, why not try? You should remember everytime is the best time to love you!

Jun 07, 2022, 15:09

Not everyone can meet the Mr. or Mrs Right. Once you get true love, good luck. Please cherish it. 

Jun 18, 2022, 05:47

Er...... I think it's up to you...
Now we find a situation where the age of teens starts crashing on someone (they think that is true love...)
Certainly we have different tasks at different ages. So we can keep in good touch with girls or boys with each other as friends before we graduate from senior high school.
Piror to that, we will be better men with physical growth and spiritual harvest.
Keeping a proper relationship is a responsibility to you or others, so that you do not have any pity or shame, and learn more methods to deal with some problems. 
Well...... So you can decide to get in love when you become an adult (18 ages) from a teenager...... It means you don't need to spend some courses or study time for others, and also try able to make money to support Love's expenses, right? 
In total, you must become an independent person before you want to be. If not, you will lose your own thing or not.
In my opinion, keep some things first (don't give up) when you aren't growing. Charge it when you become strong....

Jun 23, 2022, 12:41

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