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Hello, I think I can help you answer this question.

In my opinion, there is no fixed time to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. True love can happen anytime. But you have to think clearly before you have a relationship with the boy or girl you love. Are you willing to take on this responsibility, and is your current ability enough to support you to bear this relationship?

For example, if you are just a student, you should consider whether you have enough time and money to support and maintain this relationship. Will such a relationship affect your work and life at this stage?

What I want to tell you is that love is the spice of life, and it is two people who work together to make life better.

But if you feel that this moment, this relationship is not suitable for it to happen. What I mean is that he will become a burden to your life and will not make you happy, so don't establish this relationship.

Of course, these should be your own ideas, when you think about all this, you are fully prepared to take on this responsibility. If you decide to go on with each other.Then this is the best and most appropriate time.

Finally, I wish you a natural love and meet the right person at the right time.

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Firstly, you should know not everyone will appreciate everything about you, including your appearence, personality, behaviour and stuff. There is always existing too much prejudice from others in our lives. Maybe it is the reason that others hurt you. On the one hand, you should face up to yourself. On the other hand, do not forgive those who hurt you badly once and remember the lessons they gave.

Secondly, you could normally try communicating with those you hate but cannot avoid. After all, human are social.And you cannot behave yout bad emotion obviously if you are an adult.

Finally, you should face up to them with a brave heart. There are always too many problems you have to think, face and solve. Don't let them waste your time. Fighting for what you want!

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Actually, may be you are obsessed with smartphone so much so that you can not sleep eraly whichever leads to the late of gets up.

At first, put down smartphone when you are going to sleep, don't put it near your pillow or you can not controll yourself to use it for entertainment, the result is that you will be excited and your are not able to put it down again.

Secondly, make a time schedule properly,and try to follow it!

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Use your wechat scan it, and update it.

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Learning is everywhere, not only through certain books or knowledge. It can be a ray of morning sunshine, a stranger on the street, even the one you hate……

What is your purpose on learning? Are you trying to gain more from it? Or you just enjoy it purely?

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Hi~Firstly, I wish you a satisfactory result. \(^O^)/ As for the days approaching the college entrance examination, I think you should keep up your attitude of daily study. Many students feel anxious before the exam and wanna learn more to cope with it. However, this will only makes you feel increasingly mental and physical exhausted. This exam is tests your skills of problem-solving and the proficiency in knowledge. To be frank, three years of learning now review from beginning to end is just in vain. I don't know the situation about you, so I only can sincerely recommend you to concentrate on your test papers which have evaluated your abilities in the course of senior high especially the at late of the twelfth grade. In a word, just maintain your positive and calm mind.Those are such two hot days, after all. Take it easy, and believe yourself. I'm pretty sorry for that maybe I don't have any helpful suggestions, all I can do for you is just encourage you. Your future is not just a dream. Just go for it, kid. 及时当勉励,岁月不待人。(ง •̀_•́)ง

                                                                                                            ——from an ordinary sophomore❤

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I think, the first standard to achieve the Mao Dun Literature Prize is the high quality. We have to admit these awarded books are outstanding, whatever the story or the characters in it, learning a lot from them. These books give its readers a chance to have a look at the unfamiliar period, witness some common people's ups and downs, even rethink themselves.

Also, in temporary society, the bookshelves are crowded with books. But most of books are toolbooks, novels that draw your attention and emotion but are far to be considered as a excellent work. There are some short, good works, but the length do not up to the prize's request.

A book, especially a good book, takes the authors incredible time and energy.

The process of writing also needs in-depth thinking of the whole society rather than inspiration from individual or common things. The value of a work needs to be tested by time. So many awarded books are from decades ago.

This is my opinion about this question, hoping it can help you.

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It's exciting to read news every day. By reading them, it helps to understand the world.

But do I read them? Do I read all of them? How do I choose? And then how to read them?

I would like to share my experience.

News published on the app might be written by different writers. If you like someone's style or specific area, you can search online the writer's name or theme you like. 

As for reading, you can choose the topic that interests you and find the news feed and start reading everything related to that specific topic or area.

Take culture as an example. You can search for Chinese culture or even global events. You can search something like Tomb Sweeping Day and International Labor Day.

Let's talk about reading: R-E-A-D.

It is really easy to read news if you know what the structure of news is.

The first sentence is the leading one and that offers the main information. Like when, who, where, what, and why. 

But you will find that the leading sentence is too short and it doesn't have all the information. The second and the third sentences might give you more, like 'why' and 'how'.

Other information might follow these paragraphs. The least important information might be at the end of the news.

While reading, you might get flummoxed by some words or sentences; leave them alone and keep reading.

After you finish reading, go back to the words and sentences and try your best to understand them and know how to use them and why the writer used them there. 

Last but not least, you can try to understand why the writer chose to write it that way or why the writer took such a perspective. If someone asked you to choose the same theme, would you choose the same perspective?

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