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What should I do if I want to improve my grades? It just 68 days before I graduate from middle school. I stayed home and have online classes everyday.

Hello, I am a senior high school student. I graduated from middle school last year, and I got 95 scores in my English test (the full mark is 100) I hope my experience could help you.

First of all, never never give up! The English examination in middle school is simple, 68 days is enough for you to counterattack under unfavorable circumstance!

Last year, when the high school entrance examination is just in coner, I was not favoured by my English teacher. Just like she did to me, I don't like her, either. But I never thought about "don't study English". I know my English is not good, so I reviewed the vocabulary again and again. Sometimes the teacher write sentences from memory, I made a lot of wrong. That drove me dispirited, I just force myself to recite more than others, play less than others.

I even cried for a long time because I didn't get my ideal score, but after crying, I paid all my attention to English again. To tell the truth, it was a hard time, however, during that time, I have just one destination——to enter my dream shcool. So I am not curious to anything , only study and study.

It is said that the University entrance examination decides your life, and the high school entrance examination decides your university entrance examination. Both you and I, never wait to be pushed, we have to chasing dreams ourselves!

Apr 06, 2022, 17:38

Hello. To begin with, I am a college student. And my major is business English.

It's very difficult and boring like other language studies. I have to say you are a good guy. You only just graduate from middle school, you aleady have this idea. When I was you, what I thinking all day is how to play phones without teacher' attention.

Once you made your mind, you should start to do it right now. Grammer is essential when you learn English. The rules can be founded in every book which is relate to English study. The theory is dull, you should putw them in your sentences if you want to master them. What's more, it's listening is vital in your English examinations, your talk with foreigner as well. When it comes to listening, we must talk about vocabulary. It's the basis for your learning. You must stick to recite words, then make sentence with them and use them frequently in your daily life.

Then lets say something about some methods that can balance study and entertain well. For my view, the first way is to watch America TV sereis. It have many benefits. I believe you will find them by yourself in the process of succeeding. Come on. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something. That's all.

Apr 07, 2022, 13:44

Hello,I am a college student now who is specializing English study.In my high school life,I think my English is good at least not bad. At that time,I don't study English very carefully because I consider it very easy.It only need to do many related exercises about grammar or comprehension and so on.we
don't need to practice listening and oral English that are not in our college entrance exam.however,after entering university,it's very ridculous that I have not practiced listening and oral English.
OK,all above this is my story,and I am sorry for that my writing is very bad(crying)
And there are some ways which maybe solve your problems and let you down.
1.don't be anxious.please calm down and believe yourself.
2.I suggest you can do some college entrance examination questions in your province.and summarize your faults.it is important for you to avoid the same fault.
3.you can do targeted training in this period.for instance,if your comrehension is not good,you can do more comprehension.
4.you can summarize some skills in every kind of question.there are many similarities between the same kind of question,if you do more,you will find rules!
5.Good luck!

Apr 08, 2022, 19:19

Identify your goal, switch off your mobile phone, and open up your book.

Apr 05, 2022, 21:46

My questions as same as yours.

Apr 05, 2022, 20:46

Exercise more and keep your mind in studying.

Apr 03, 2022, 12:43

Your English is excellent. You have done very well. I think you are my experience, and and I will do my best to overcome current difficulties and weak points to make the progress in English. Thank for your sharing.

Apr 19, 2022, 09:11

Very good

May 08, 2022, 19:26

Hello, classmate, I have a similar situation, which is worse than online class. I dropped out of school and went home in my senior three. For various reasons, I just don't want to stay in school. The college entrance examination itself is an exam. The solution to the exam lies in the exam taking skills. Don't pay too much attention to the usual life state. Make questions every day, understand the wrong questions, and gradually make up for them. Give up the questions that should be given up. If you can come to this app, you have exceeded the vast majority of people.

May 07, 2022, 11:02

Firstly, have a positive attitude. Don't emo hhh. 

Secondly, just try your best.

Thirdly, the vocabulary is the most important in English learning.

May 03, 2022, 23:47

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