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Thanks to the law. Those who throw objects from the height might be sentenced to months or years behind bars. Have you ever seen that?

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WeChat Emoji quits smoking. How about my soldier?

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Will you share your pain and fears with your parents?

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How do I start learning Chinese?

First, please think about this - why do you want to learn Chinese?

In China, English is one of our courses so we have to learn. We don’t stop from primary school to college until we can read the papers written in English. That’s why many Chinese do well in reading rather than speaking. Some students who try to study abroad or work in a foreign company learn harder. 

Maybe we can draw the conclusion that the goals determine the results.

Do you want to study or work here? Do you love Chinese culture? These factors are of great importance and definitely influence your learning effect.


Following are some practical ways:

Some apps are available if you don’t have too much time. Duolingo, Busuu, and of course China Daily

Write them down. Unlike English, which has only 52 letters - 26 uppercases and 26 lowercases. The structure of Chinese characters is a little complicated. You can buy a copy book to improve your penmanship and vocabulary.

Communication can deepen our memories of new words. It’s nice to have some Chinese friends. But remember that don’t trust people easily online.

There's no shortcut in language learning. Chinese is pretty. Hope you enjoy the learning process.

Cheer together with you.

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What's the color of ants' teeth?

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Will you encourage "2.5 days off" a week?

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What's the difference between a long-term relationship and a marriage?

There's really no difference in the essence because marriage itself is a long-term relationship and can be 'celebrated' anyway, what matters most is the people involved and the love they have for each other. Show more

How do you improve your expression ability?

Saying more,practice more and don't fear too much. Saying what you think and receiving the feedback from others,then thinking how to express ideas better consistently. Keep in mind that you don't pretend to be a good storyteller,you only want to be a truth teller. Show more

What do you think about the future of rural area in China?

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What a hell as US crosses 500,000th COVID-19 death!

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