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How do I teach children leaning in the kindergarten English?


Imagine your are a kid


Mix new words or sentences in games


Be patient 


Make they laugh 



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some guys I know they are passionate about kidding, but I cannot identify whether it is a trick or a serious one. It baffles me.

In china, if guys trick you, they may be like you.

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Will you share your pain and fears with your parents?

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How do I start learning Chinese?

If you are a girl you can marry a Chinese but if you are a boy you need to study hard. Show more

If a language is "useless" for work, it's worth to spend time learning or not?

Firstly, answer your question, my pleasure.

In my opinion, English can bring me new mind to view wolrd, arouse me for desiration of learning, and boraden my horizons. Thus, I deem that it is of great necessity for youngsters of china to study english.

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What's your favorite Chinese quote?

Do unto others as you would be done

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What's the difference between a long-term relationship and a marriage?

There's really no difference in the essence because marriage itself is a long-term relationship and can be 'celebrated' anyway, what matters most is the people involved and the love they have for each other. Show more

How do you improve your expression ability?

Saying more,practice more and don't fear too much. Saying what you think and receiving the feedback from others,then thinking how to express ideas better consistently. Keep in mind that you don't pretend to be a good storyteller,you only want to be a truth teller. Show more

Should I apply for graduate school or just find a job?

It depends on your plan and consideration for your career and future. In most cases, grabbing a master degree will elevate one' salary in the future (as shown in some labor economic analysis ). However, money is, and should not be the only thing to care about, you also have to think through your personal interests, ability and economic budget before deciding to apply for a graduate program or finding a job.

I think the most important thing is that you have to be clear with your plans for career development. If you believe a higher education degree is vital to improve yourself and to better prepare for the job you want, then maybe you should try to get a master degree. However, if you feel that the job you want don't require a master degree and it demands you to accumulate experience in workplace (like human resource, sales, education, etc.), then maybe you should begin working first. Anyhow,there's no single answer to this kind of question, every coin has its two sides and you just decide on which is more important for you. 

HOPE my suggestion will be helpful for you~

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After 10 years, will Ask Brainy become as popular as Quora or Zhihu?

That's a very broad imagination. Ask Brainy is a new community and going through its cold start stage. With all that being said, this community has already got what most of communities lack nowadays: amicable atmosphere. I’ve seen people exchange ideas here in a polite and friendly way. I think this world help Ask Brainy go further. Show more

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