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Happy International Children's Day! Happy the 40th birthday of China Daily!

I first met China Daily when I was a senior student. I clearly remember that the flavor of its prints and I dream of to be one of its members.

Unlucky, my English is very poor. But reading China Daily is my daily task for improving English nowadays.

Thanks for you accompany and happy for your birthday.

Jun 01, 2021, 16:48

I first met China daily in January 2020. I have got drawn down into great affection.  

As an English teacher, I desperately need such an app to enrich my horizons.

Consequently, it not only widened my vocabulary but also improved my oral abilities greatly and luckily enough, this is indeed what I need most and was distinguished visibly from others in my job hunting.  

Thanks to China daily, thanks to our great editors and reporters and most importantly happy birthday!

Jun 01, 2021, 21:06

Although I am not a child, I still like to recall my childhood. In my childhood, I wanted to leave my parents to have a free life. However, I will in dismay when I miss my parents. As a undergraduate, I had left my home and had a life that I wondered befor. By the way, I miss the food that my mom cooks and I miss the time of shopping with my father……I miss everying that I spent time in living with my parents……

Jun 01, 2021, 20:38

No matter how old we are, the happiness is the most precious.

Jun 03, 2021, 17:13

Hoping l can learn something useful like you.

Jun 10, 2021, 09:33

Happy birthday!!!

Jun 09, 2021, 22:12

Happy Birthday!

Jun 07, 2021, 23:13

Happy birthday!

Jun 05, 2021, 13:01

no more

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