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What should we do when earthquake happens?

I have watched a video about a bed that could provide food and water when earthquake happens. The bed could also protect people from being damaged by the house or other constructions.

But it might be have a problem when the house is collapsed. The bed might also be damaged.

I think the best way to help yourself from an earthquake is to try to calm down and find the way out quickly.

May 26, 2021, 14:31

The most important thing is to stay calm. If you are in a lower floor, try to find a flat open space as quick as possible. Once in a higher floor when earthquake happens, keep your body down under something solid like a kitchen table till the shake stops.

May 27, 2021, 10:37

When high school time, my English teacher educated us, maybe you could move into restroom when earthquake was coming, there was more safe than wide space, so you couldn't define tolit to be a dirty place, it also rescue your life at key point!

May 31, 2021, 00:02

If you are close to empty ground, and just run towards it. If there are many people surrounding you, just be patient, obey the instructions and escape in order. If you don't have enough time to run, for example, you are in one closed space, like a classroom or bathroom. Just squat with your arms across on your head to protect it.

May 28, 2021, 19:01

As we all know, the earthquake take place the time of dashing, so if you can feel it obviously, which means that you maybe local in circle of earthquake.

Jun 08, 2021, 00:33

China never gives up.

Jun 04, 2021, 01:57

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