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What do you think of Friday?

Friday means happy, freedom and health.

May 28, 2021, 08:58

Friday is to fly, and I am flying. To celebrate the day like this.

May 21, 2021, 17:11

 I can't stop humming Sia's song every Friday. 

Cheap thrills! The lyrics of this song are perfect...

May 24, 2021, 22:14

Friday, the last day in a week, after it weekends are running to us. We can just have a  period of short happy time to cure our tired soul.

May 24, 2021, 15:31

It's my favorite day of whole week, I can have a wonderful time in the following two days.

May 24, 2021, 19:28

It's time to have a rest.

May 21, 2021, 20:20

The beginning of workday, with plenty of courses. Well, it means that I should study in another place excepted at school.

Jun 05, 2021, 22:36

It's exciting.

May 28, 2021, 14:26

Just a normal day with nothing special. Maybe because I'm happy everyday?

Jun 06, 2021, 16:53

Workdays: I can't breath!

Firday: oh! What fresh air it is! Yeah yeah~

I just want to play with my phone and computer games, no homework, no classmates, no math lessons and harmful exams.

Jun 13, 2021, 12:45

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