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Want to join in the wave of divorces as the code, which provides a waiting period for couples who apply for divorce, is set to take effect on Jan 1?
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Hahahaha. No, thank you. This year marks the 11th we've been together since getting married in 2009. We love each other deeply and never thought about divorce. But today, my colleague told me about the news. I thought, perhaps I could have a try. (OK, I'm only joking!) 

Let's talk about something serious, though. The code aims to make Chinese couples think twice before ending their relationship. And I don't think it means to stifle people's marital freedom.

In some extreme situations, such as domestic violence or family disputes, people could resort to lawsuits. The cooling-off period just aims to help the relationship cool down, but doesn't get in the way of ending the relationship.

I think the cooling-off period also helps people to respect the law, and avoid situations where couples "get married this morning, split this afternoon, and remarry tomorrow." The aim is to curb impulse divorces and provide a better and formal way for couples to further understand their relationships while making more sensible decisions.

Dec 04, 2020, 14:43


Dec 05, 2020, 07:43

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