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When it comes to recruitment, should part-time grads enjoy the same rights as those who studied full time?
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The two have different admission requirements in the national entrance examination for postgraduates. How could they enjoy the same rights in recruitment? 

Universities have lowered the threshold in admitting part-time students for the sake of expanding enrollment. You know that the full-time students need to spend more energy and time to get their certificates but part-time ones may not.

Let’s talk about the firms seeking talented students. They might care more about the quality of the university, so students from Project 985 or Project 211 institutions would enjoy more privilege, regardless of whether they are full time or part time.

The Ministry of Education has issued a notification to require that all companies should not discriminate against students based on whether they are full time or part time. But how about age and gender? Many firms in recent years even require that employees should be under 35. And women still face discrimination in the hiring process.

Dec 03, 2020, 15:04

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