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Nowadays many majors have lost their luster and are even on the edge of extinction. What's your major in university? Is your major also endangered?
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I majored in translation during my college study, and admittedly, it has been threatened by Machine Translation (MT), but I don’t think it will replace skilled human translators, at least not in this lifetime. The use of MT is on the rise. But its greatest asset—the speed that comes from the lack of a human “pilot” at the controls—masks its biggest liability, which is the fact that there's no pilot at the controls. While MT technology is getting better all the time, it still is no match for a skilled human translator. Why? Because as translators know, natural languages do not lend themselves to computer algorithms as readily as other human disciplines (e.g., arithmetic or design). My prediction that machine translation won’t replace human translators is not fear-based. I freely admit that machine translation is getting better all the time. But when Google Translate produces the English translation. It quails for the simple French phrase Ça caille (It’s freezing), then the technology still has a ways to go. In fact, translators use technology to make their work better. We use find-and-replace tools to work faster. We use terminology databases to research terms of art. We use computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools to ensure terminology consistency in large documents. In short, we use technology to help us, not to do our job for us. So even though some one claimed that machine translation will replace human translators, it leaves me cold.

Mar 23, 2020, 09:42

My major is editing and publishing. I think it has currently encountered unprecedented impact of the internet. On the one hand, authors rely less on traditional publishing houses than before, as they can publish works or share content through the We-Media and many other online platforms. On the other hand, the brick-and-mortar bookstores, as an excellent platform to reach the customers, lack the ability to grasp the professional content, and the traditional book classification, display and shopping guide modes have been unable to meet the needs of the consumption upgrading for the mainstream population in China. As a result, I think editing and publishing is on the edge of extinction.

Mar 23, 2020, 09:42

My major is linguistics. In my university, even there is the master degree of English major, teachers give more priority to the undergraduates in stead of us. Teachers in our major pay more attention to their own affair in stead of reseach and experiment. Like other universities, many teachers teaching english masters should do some research and publish their findings on CSSCI or SSCI. However, I cannot see this phenomenon in my university, except for two or three teachers focusing on their research. Moreover, the university gives less fund to our major. In my major as a master, there are students learning cognitive linguistics and neurolinguistics and these two directions sometimes need to do experiment using ERP or fMRI. But our university agrees another major can use fMRI but not our major. Many flaws exist in my major in my university. Teachers more focus on the superficial side in stead of inter side, especially these administrators in my major.

Mar 24, 2020, 18:33

My major is preventive medicine. In the past, It was not valued in China. But I hope public health can get the attention of the society and government through this epidemic.

Mar 24, 2020, 19:35

My major is Clinical Medicine. Ironically, it seems that the major is not endangered at all, while my future job, being a clinician, is going to be a little dangerous. I will try my best to be a good doctor.

Mar 28, 2020, 10:41

In my opinion,the major is just like our interests.Everyone has his or her own interests.The different individual has own way to develop.We shouldn’t judge the major by whether it is useful.Everything exist on the world has its reason.As the old word saying “360 lines, the number one player in the line.”Only equally we treat the different majors,we will get better to develop ourselves!

Mar 26, 2020, 15:29

My major is English at my university. And I do think our major is facing a dilemma nowadays. Because you know the It career is growing faster and some basic translations can be done by the robots. So to some extents, there is no need for human translators to accomplish this kind of tasks.In the future if you really want to have some trumphs, you'd better explore yourself into the original culture. Also you need to further study our Chinese culture so that we can translate delicately. That will be a big Challenge for me. But here are also some elements That cannot be replaced is our human thoughts and sentiments. And this will be the priceless treasure of our human beings, also the intangible weapon. So I think maybe the circumstance is tough in the future, but it won't be extinct.

Apr 01, 2020, 11:41

I major in education, which I don't think is gonna lose its luster or even extinct. Education is the most strong and efficent way to make our society develop and make every single person have a chance to master his own life, which deserves to be prosperous and energetic. Actually, the progress one individual makes also means a lot to the whole society. Because we are a great country, Which comprises 140billion, to some extent, as long as we work hard, Which we already did and will continue doing, our country can achieve many accessive goals, for example,getting rid of pocerty, soon or later. Education is a key to a nation, education can only get more powerful rather extinctive.

Mar 29, 2020, 10:10

My major is english. English is my favorite subject.

Sept 01, 2020, 11:09

I'm an undergraduate majoring in English translation. It's not uncommon for me to be told that I will be totally replaced by machines in the near future, but I don't think so, since human translators are always in need to handle with human elements in texts, such as emtions.

Mar 27, 2020, 09:51

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